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BURIAL or cremation

The way a person chooses to deal with their remains is as personal as the way they choose to live their life.

The most common options that we can assist to arrange are burials or cremations.


There are a number of burial options in the region including privately managed or council owned. Whatever the situation, we can help with all aspects of burial and preparation including plot purchase and opening information.

We can talk to you about natural, eco burial solutions as part of the planning process. Burial shrouds are available as an option if you would prefer not to use a casket.



Cremations are not performed on site at besoul. However, we arrange to transport the deceased to the crematorium and return ashes to besoul with either a memorial held prior to cremation or with the ashes present.

Caskets, urns, monuments

As unique as each person’s life is, we can source a casket, urn or monument that represents the essence of their character. Once we have sat with you to talk about your loved ones life, we can provide some personalised options for caskets, urns, monuments and even memorial jewellery.


Casket pictured: West Coast Beach by Dying Art

besoul Funerals

At besoul we bring our passion to creating a memorial event that captures that essence of a person. Were they a gentle soul? Were they the life and soul of the party?
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