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Helping you create the perfect way to remember the life of a loved one.

Who we are

Every life tells a story.

 We are here to provide you with information and advice for making decisions that best fit your loved one and those who are left behind.


We’re honoured to play the role we do to help you navigate through each step and feel at ease with your decisions.


All aspects of this farewell journey are covered, in the way you want – whether traditional or something more unexpected and unique.



In our planning you’ll receive a breakdown of options and full details of costs, before any decisions are made.


All aspects of navigating your loss can be taken care of by besoul. But we don’t follow a template in our approach.

In planning a funeral event, we like to talk to you to find out about the person’s life and what would be the most fitting way to remember them. If it is a simple, family-only event, with an unattended cremation that is called for, or an all-inclusive gathering of friends, relatives and community then we are equally happy to accommodate.

At our place. Or Yours.

Feel calm and at ease, and celebrate a life lived. We welcome challenges to the norm if that’s what will truly reflect the time you spent together.

At besoul Funerals, we have a custom-built facility to cater to funeral events of different natures. It’s a modern, well equipped space that acts as a sort of canvas. Or if you’d like to be at home, outside at a place of significance, or somewhere quite unexpected, let’s talk about those ideas too.

“On behalf of our Auntie, we’d like to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you did performing her service. We really appreciated the patience and kindness you showed us all, especially considering there was so many of us and our opinions to consider. We all felt really happy with how the celebration of her life went, we think it honoured a pretty special lady. We are most grateful for your part in this.”

– Leslie, Peter, Roger, Jen, Cath, Cath, Bevan, Karl & Families


When someone you love dies, it is overwhelming as you begin the grieving process. You will understandably need to take care of other family members and friends, but there are practical steps you also need to take.

We can guide you through these first important tasks including taking care of the deceased. The most important thing to know is you don’t need to rush into a decision.

“When my Nana passed away, I didn’t hesitate to see if besoul could help.  Dean was happy to assist, he was understanding and able to give clear guidance about what needed to be done.  We wanted to look after some parts ourselves and Dean was happy to do as much or as little we wanted.

Dean is well spoken, kind, considerate and knows exactly what to do and when.  Dean is clearly an experienced operator and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  Dean has a warmth and understanding which is much appreciated at a challenging time.”

– Sarah Martin, Matakana


At the heart of besoul Funerals, Dean Weber, has worked as a funeral director and embalmer for over 25 years, 15 of those have been in the Warkworth area.

Dean uses his knowledge and experience to help people transition from a difficult and emotionally trying place to a more prepared place. He will be there to provide support and information so that you are confident to take the next step. Dean is passionate about working as a funeral director, as no day is the same and every family and every person’s story is different.

Dean Weber Besoul Funerals

besoul Funerals

At besoul we bring our passion to creating a memorial event that captures that essence of a person. Were they a gentle soul? Were they the life and soul of the party?
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